CROWD Launchpad
CROWD is our homegrown Launchpad solution. It allows any project wishing to launch at CRONOS to conduct a presale to crowdsource funds for an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) at CRODEX.
Usually, projects launching via an IDO will offer their tokens at a discounted rate to their presale investors, in order to incentivize them to provide funds. This makes IDOs attractive to traders looking to accept risk by investing in a new project in exchange for the possibility of profiting off said project's value growth, if all goes well.
For a new project, this model is also attractive because it allows them to launch with higher liquidity and a healthier holder distribution for their initial circulating supply. By adding Token Vesting, they can also limit the amount of profit taking in the critical initial stages of their project; however this is typically balanced to still allow initial investors to profit off of their investment in the short term.

Once CROWD Full Version is available, what will be the available IDO Participation tiers, and how do I qualify?

CROWD IDOs will have three participation tiers:
  • Gold Tier: The highest tier, giving you the largest possible IDO allocation and participation at the preferential IDO phase at projects choosing to enable it.
  • Silver Tier: Intermediate tier, giving you a moderate IDO allocation.
  • Bronze Tier: The most basic tier, giving you a small allocation at the IDO.
The allocation size grows exponentially from Bronze to Gold. To qualify for any of these tiers, you will need a CROWD IDO Participation Ticket. This takes form of a special NFT:
Gold, Silver and Bronze IDO Participation Tokens.
At first, you will only be able to obtain CROWD IDO Participation Tickets by purchasing them directly or winning them at giveaways and other loyalty programmes of CRODEX/CRXILLION. Other mechanisms will be enabled shortly afterwards.
Each Participation Ticket is good to whitelist you for 1 IDO; after you have consumed it to enter an IDO, the NFT will be burnt. You can save your NFTs indefinitely and spend them whenever you like. If you spent a NFT to participate at an IDO; but at the last moment decided not to invest in the IDO, you will be able to pull your NFT back after the IDO finished all its phases.

Coming up next: How will projects be approved to launch their IDOs?

We are strong believers of the 'decentralization of trust' principle. Therefore, we do not see ourselves in the role of gatekeepers deciding what projects get to enter CROWD.
Instead, our platform distributes the decision process back to the CRX token holders.
Every time a new IDO proposal enters CROWD, two CRX-CRO vote staking pools will be created: YES and NO. By staking their CRX-CRO LP Tokens at either pool, our holders are the ones in charge of governing what projects are able to enter CROWD, ultimately giving them control to decide on what projects they would like to invest. After a project is approved, CRX holders will get the chance to invest on it.
This model also ensures that project developers work hard on providing as much information as possible before submitting their project to CROWD. Low-quality or poorly documented projects will have a very hard time convincing CRX holders to vote YES for their project. This helps raise the average quality of projects presented at the Launchpad.