CROWD Launchpad

Access to new gems on Cronos
CROWD is our homegrown Launchpad solution. It allows any project wishing to launch at CRONOS to conduct a presale to crowdsource funds for an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) at CRODEX.
Usually, projects launching via an IDO will offer their tokens at a discounted rate to their presale investors, in order to incentivize them to provide funds. This makes IDOs attractive to traders looking to accept risk by investing in a new project in exchange for the possibility of profiting off said project's value growth, if all goes well.
For a new project, this model is also attractive because it allows them to launch with higher liquidity and a healthier holder distribution for their initial circulating supply. By adding Token Vesting, they can also limit the amount of profit taking in the critical initial stages of their project; however this is typically balanced to still allow initial investors to profit off of their investment in the short term.
Check out the CROWD Launchpad:

Launched Projects

  • Metaverse Hub ($MHUB)
  • CronosVerse ($VRSE)
  • MarbleVerse ($RLM)
  • CroKing ($CRK)
  • Crodex ($CRX)