LP Stake

Earn CRX while supporting Crodex by staking LP Tokens

With Crodex LP Stake Reward Pools, users can stake liquidity provider (LP) tokens to boost earning power through $xCRX token rewards.

Crodex LP Stake Reward Pools are intended to reward users to supply liquidity for their favorite pairs. Users that create LP tokens and stake them in a Reward Pool will receive $xCRX utility tokens.

Liquidity is critical to a healthy ecosystem as a DeFi platform. With greater liquidity accessible to Crodex, more users will be able to trade hundreds of their favorite tokens at minimal costs. As a result, encouraging liquidity for popular trading pairs on Crodex is in everyone's best interests, since popular trading pairs need more liquidity and yield more swap fee rewards.

Check out the Liquidity section for more information on LP tokens and how to create them.

How to stake LP tokens?

Step 1. Click "Stake" in the navigation bar and open the LP Token tab.

Step 2. Select the LP Staking Pool you’d like to use and click "Deposit". In this example, we use the Stake CRX-CRO LP, Earn CRX Reward Pool.

Step 3. Click "Deposit LP Tokens".

If you hold CRXILLION NFTs in your wallet, you will also see the "Deposit Boosters" tab. You can deposit CRXILLION boosters before depositing LP tokens to boost your rewards up to %6. Learn more↗

Step 4. Enter the amount of LP tokens you would like to stake. First click "Approve" to enable the pool in your connected wallet and then click "Deposit" to stake your selected amount of LP tokens into the Reward Pool.

Step 5. Validate the transaction in your wallet.

Done, you are now staking CRX-CRO LP tokens and earning CRX tokens!

How to claim your rewards?

Step 1. Click "Manage" in the pool where you have staked your LP tokens.

Step 2. Click "Claim" and validate the transaction in your wallet.

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