Single Stake

Stake your tokens to receive stable, predictable APR without impermanent loss

Single Stake Reward Pools are where only one type of token is required to stake. No LP token-making is needed, but the concept is similar to staking LP in a pool to earn reward tokens.

Crodex users may single stake the CRX token they've purchased or earned from LP Reward Pools, to earn xCRX or tokens from partner projects. Some particular pools let you stake other tokens besides CRX, too!

How to stake single tokens?

Step 1. Click "Stake" in the navigation bar and open the Single Token tab.

Step 2. Select the Single Staking Pool you’d like to use and click "Deposit". In this example, we use the Stake CRX, Earn CRX Reward Pool.

Step 3. Click "Deposit Tokens".

If you hold CRXILLION NFTs in your wallet, you will also see the "Deposit Boosters" tab. You can deposit CRXILLION boosters before depositing LP tokens to boost your rewards up to %9. Learn more↗

Step 4. Enter the amount of tokens you would like to stake. First click "Approve" to enable the pool in your connected wallet and then click "Deposit" to stake your selected amount of tokens into the Reward Pool.

Step 5. Validate the transaction in your wallet.

Done, you are now staking CRX tokens and earning more CRX tokens!

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