Total Supply: 300M $MHUB

Initial Supply: 16,5M $MHUB

Short-Term Supply (1 year): 37,5M $MHUB

Long-Term Supply (up to 10 years): 246M $MHUB

The team will keep a total of 600K $MHUB tokens from the short-term supply for development, marketing and partnership expenses. The rest of the supply will be emitted via the Adventures at the Metaverse Hub, in which you can join with your NFTs and other Metaverse assets.

$MHUB Token Details

  • Paired with $CRX. The main liquidity is in MHUB/CRX.

  • Incurs a total of 9.5% fee-on-sell. The fee will be automatically claimed and swapped to $wCRO upon each sell-transaction. β€” 2.5% will be directed to the team’s control. Up to 2% will be allocated to forming of additional liquidity in MHUB/CRX pair. The rest will be held in treasury for development, marketing, and partnership expenses. β€” 7% will be proportionally distributed among $MHUB holders as a dividend-share mechanism. The distribution of the dividend shares will be automatic (paid in $wCRO), but claiming accumulated dividends will need to be done individually by $MHUB holders.

  • The design of the dividend distribution mechanism aims to minimize total gas fees and slippage tolerance required for transactions involving $MHUB. Forming of LP tokens also incurs fees; thus, the team will be looking out to keep the liquidity healthy using the above-mentioned allocation of fees. Also, the fee-on-sell acts as a safe guard against probable short-option oriented price manipulations we have been witnessing lately, all over the crypto-currency markets.

  • Buying $MHUB tokens incurs no fees.

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